Just for Fun

Read about and hear Silbo Gomero, a whistled language used in La Gomera, Canary Islands, to communicate over long distances: Click Here (2:02). Hear another sample of it: Click Here (7:54).

Get a basic lesson in Xhosa, a South African click language, from the late great Miriam Makeba (singing Qongqothwane, a.k.a. The Click Song): Click Here (3:15). Hear more of her in Xhosa and Zulu: Click Here (3:04) and Here (3:21).

Check out a good reason to master a foreign language: Click Here (38 seconds).

Translation bloopers you'll NEVER find in GAIL's work! Click Here.

Download free software for basic lessons in the language of your choice: Click Here.

What English sounds like to foreigners: Here's a catchy but completely unintelligible song in mock English gibberish: Click Here (4:03).

The McGurk effect. An auditory/visual illusion: Click Here (3:27).